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Need A Fresh Start?

Hickory Hill Builders take pride in our highly capable craftsmen who can add a unique personality to your home and maximize your space. With our extremely diverse set of skills, we are up to the task for any and all types of home improvements. Hickory Hill Builders offers clients an exclusive menu of remodeling services, covering a full range of sizes and degrees of difficulty.


Entire Home Remodel Entire Home Remodel
Over the time, homes show sign of wear and tear. To determine whether your home needs revamping, observe your interiors and exteriors. There might not be one huge problem that needs to be addressed, but little things like  peeling wall paper, stained carpets, and chipped carpentry might suggest it’s time for a change. Hickory Hill Builders regularly performs full house home improvements, we’ll replace the flooring, apply a fresh coat of paint, replace your trim with new custom carpentry, and provide any other services to make your home feel new again!
Specific Room Remodel Specific Room Remodel
Hickory Hill Builders go beyond full scale remodels. We also relish in the opportunity to contribute to enhancing a specific room. We have performed improvements for regular homes as well as historic properties. When we take on a contract, Hickory Hill Builders custom designs any of the materials we use in your home. For a historic home remodeling project, we will make sure any designs and materials used will be period accurate.
Kitchen Kitchen
Kitchen remodels are one of the most common requests when it comes to home improvements. A little tweak in your home can enliven your interior. Hickory Hill Builders helps you choose from several current appliances to install in your new kitchen.
Bath Bath
Bathroom renovations have a wider variety of choices  than you might think. We can upgrade the toilet, plumbing, showers and bathtubs. More ambitious clients have even requested expanding the bathroom, opening up the possibility of more space. Hickory Hill’s home renovation contractors will help you arrive at a suitable solution for your bathroom.
Trim Trim
We hand craft and fabricate all trim work in-house. This includes crown molding, trim, door frames and more. For historical home remodeling, we’ll make sure the carpentry is period accurate, so you can retain your home’s authenticity.
Cabinetry Cabinetry
Custom cabinetry is perfect for giving your new home more space management possibilities. We can take a look at a room and determine the best dimensions for new, custom cabinets.

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