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Hickory Hill Builders has a small, yet formidable team of licensed contractors. All of our home renovation contractors are extensively trained, and further backed by plenty of on site experience. All combined our home builder team has 28 years of experience.

The custom home improvement contractors of Hickory Hill Builders take expert charge of all your renovation and remodeling needs. We believe that each of our contractors are the extension of our major home improvement company. This is why we employ the same attention to details and diligence in our recruitment process.

Delaware Top Notch Contractors

When we employ craftsmen and contractors, we look beyond their proficiency. While technical skills and knowledge are crucial factors in our recruitment, we also consider an employee’s character and passion. We recruit people who share the same passion, tenacity, attentiveness and diligence as our team. This helps us to remain consistent to our core values and pillars. This is the reason we thrive in the general contracting industry.

We don’t rest our laurels on our license and experience. We expand our knowledge and skills through frequent workshops and trainings. This is to keep ourselves abreast of the latest technology and development in the industry. Moreover, this allows us to serve you better and tailor fit our services based on your remodeling or construction requirements.

When Hickory Hill Builders sends a contractor to assess your property or discuss your remodeling needs, expect a courteous and attentive craftsman at your door. We build more than your dream home; we strive to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

For your next renovation project, count on the Hickory Hill Builders experts. We go out of our way to serve your construction, remodeling or renovation needs down to the last detail.

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